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Founded by Chance Tavers in 2012, as a drug dealing operation in the area of Richmore,CT.


played by Jacob Readon

After a debaucherous year in college, Chance spends everyday as far from sober as possible. His lifestyle has started to take a toll on him mentally as well as physically, when fate brings him back home.


During this turmoil, he hatches his plan to take over the marijuana trade of the surrounding area. He leads a group of his friends to form an organization known as the Sleight of Hand.


played by Casey Braxton

Dante is a mysterious druglord who runs a drug den on the border of the neighboring city of Cranbury. Although not directly involved in gang activities, he is very well connected to the criminal underworld. 
He has taken in many lost and abandoned, sheltering them in exchange for their services.  This act has inspired great loyalty in his followers and tenants.
He becomes the Sleight of Hand's main supplier.


played by Turner Hodges

Toby has struggled much in his life, but still retains his innocent & sweet demeanor. He is a gentle soul, but is often subject to the worst of luck.


Toby hangs out around the town of Richmore and is often targeted and hazed by Richmore's notorious cop, Buck Kerrigan.


played by Travis "Panda" & Josh Love

Ben and Jerry are the children of Jamaican immigrant parents, whom abandoned them at a young age. Ben and Jerry were taken in by Dante, who offered them protection and a sense of family. 
Despite constantly bickering, the brothers have become inseparable, and are fiercely loyal to Dante and each other.


played by Joseph Giambalvo

Cole is Ray’s best friend and partner-in-crime. They have been through many adventures together during their companionship.
He is one of the few locals who still believes in good business - well, depending on who he is dealing with.  He is frequently a drug dealer’s middleman and will do almost anything for a quick buck.


played by Hannah Elise Pilkington

Monica carries her scars both literally & figuratively.  She has a tendency to try to achieve intimacy through sex and uses drugs to cope with her pain, leading Monica to have made quite the reputation for herself. She is often misunderstood and judged because of her ways.


played by Chablis Quarterman

Tiffany is a beautiful girl, but also still very innocent. She was already a popular senior at Richmore High School, when her recent work as a model boosts her popularity more.


Tiffany is a caring person, but sometimes gets caught up in herself. She is known as more of a tease than anything else, and has recently discovered the power of using her looks to her advantage.


played by Kayleigh Powell

Sage has become a legend of sorts in the town of Richmore.  Often characterized simply as a hippie, Sage has experienced many drugs and has an extensive knowledge of most substances. 


She is rumored to have been the lover of the previous drug lord in the area, as well as his main chemist. Since his disappearance, she has become a recluse and it is rare to see her in public. She is a strong believer in conspiracy theories and urban legends, especially creatures she refers to as "the deerpeople".


played by Jess Gege

Lucy is Dante’s right hand gal.  She keeps track of most of the goings-on in the drug den, now known as "the House of Cards". 


She comes from a heavily dysfunctional family and has been on the streets since a young age. During that time, Dante rescued an already tough and hardened Lucy, and brought her into his patchwork 'family'. She has become a mother figure to rest of his foster children and is usually somehow the most responsible of the group.


played by Cameron Cosgrove

Pete is known throughout Richmore as a  junkie and a chatterbox, and this reputation precedes him wherever he goes.  He has been addicted to hard drugs, ending up in rehab many times.


Pete knows the drug world of Richmore and the surrounding area intricately and has collected many surprisingly useful contacts. He usually has a interesting story and the town's most recent gossip. 


played by Anthony Ritosa

Nate’s reputation may even exceed Monica’s in terms of promiscuity.  His looks and charm have been able to open may doors for him. Nate is best friends with Tiffany, and the two work as each other's wingmen to broaden their respective exploits.
His actions sometimes leave him feeling guilty or disgusted at himself, however he cannot help but to use his skills to give himself any advantage he can achieve.


played by Matt Kirby

Nobody wants to be recognized as much as Elliott.  When Chance and Ray bring in Elliott to help with their operation, they overlook how much they inspire him. The initially innocent Elliott looks up to them and glorifies the job of drug dealer. He is also undyingly eager to show off his newly found knowledge.


played by Jacob Berger

Russell is a mentor of sorts to Chance. He is much more experienced in life than most of the others, whom he has taken under his wing like younger siblings.

Russell knows almost everyone in Richmore personally due to his friendly inclination and checkered past. Smooth-talking and sharp, he gives good advice and is asked by Chance to do the books for his new 'company'.


played by Katie Vincent

Lily is Chance’s most trusted confidante.  As Chance’s second in command, she holds the secrets and is trusted with the most delicate information of his plan.


Her thirst for knowledge is evident with her reliance on the internet and social networks. Lily has had a history of her own substance and psychological troubles, still silently harboring a dark side. She can be a very loyal friend, however her insecurities sometimes get the best of her.


played by Timothy Wayne Adams

Abandoned by his parents, Ray has had a tough childhood, having to learn to fend for himself. The closest thing to kin Ray has are his grandmother, Winnie, and his friends.
He has been caught up in a dangerous lifestyle of drugs and crime since he was very young and is known to be a loose cannon.
Despite all the challenges in his life, he has managed to keep a generally upbeat and optimistic exterior.


played by Will Pryor-Bennett

John is one of Chance's most loyal friends. He comes from a very wealthy family and has an array of resources at his disposal.
He is especially fond of his sports car, which he takes much pride in. Embittered by a recent accident, which causes him to now walk with a cane, he still carries a chip on his shoulder.


played by Constantin Tripes

Coming from a mafia-linked family, Anthony knows the power of money. This also puts him in the position to finance Chance's fledgling company.


Upon coming to America three years ago, Anthony somehow formed a special bond with Chance.  He is in need of friends, but rarely enjoys the cost of having them. His detestable qualities are often amplified by his addiction to caffeine and speed-like pills.

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