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The movie, ‘For 20’, was born from my coming of age.  For many of the years that served as its inspiration, as well as the years spent creating it, I was lost in a severe and disruptive depression.  I was making a plethora of wrong choices and attempted to silence my demons with all means of substance, sensuality and sideshow. HOWEVER, It DID NOT WORK, only exacerbating and prolonging my situation.


This film deals with some hard truths that are often ignored or thought of as taboo.  Its aim is to help people think about the ways in which we avoid our problems, and how we damage others when we choose self-destructive paths.


While maintaining a serious dramatic tone, ‘For 20’, in part, satirically portrays how addictions and dependence on vices can make us all behave cliché.  The subject matter contains themes such as substance abuse, mental illness, and the general state of youth culture. The intention of this film is to show that vice does not discriminate based upon age, race, social class, etc.  And also, that unhealthy habits, considered socially acceptable or otherwise, are often taken too lightly.


It has been a long-held goal of mine to tell this story, and to use my experiences to encourage others to reflect on their own.  What began as my personal journey, became a collaborative effort.  I was fortunate to find people who believed in not only me, but in the project and the message it represents.  The cast & crew, who recognized the importance of that message, volunteered their time and in doing so gained experience, knowledge, and began the journey to fulfill their own professional dreams respectively, as well as collectively.


What I have discovered during the creation of this film is that even our darkest of times can serve to influence a positive future. It is how we learn to handle our trials and tribulations that truly strengthen us.

R. Blaze Mazur


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